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The Schoenstein Console

Since the advent of the detached pipe organ console in the 19th century, the greatest master builders have elevated console design to a fine art. Their consoles are recognized for elegant proportions, beautiful materials exquisitely finished, refined appointments, and, above all, player comfort.

The console most appreciated is the one least noticed by the organist. It must facilitate artistic musicianship . . . never stand in the way. Dimensions which allow a comfortable playing position are vital. The design and layout of playing aids are equally important.

Each Schoenstein console is custom made, but the same design philosophy guides our work:

  • Console controls should be as simple as possible, employing only the most often needed playing aids in an uncrowded layout.
  • Convenient placement of playing aids is more important than the number of them.
  • We welcome the opportunity to provide our electric adjustable height pedalboard assembly, a feature which has proven indispensable in situations where players of varying height share the use of an instrument. In combination with an adjustable bench, the adjustable pedalboard assembly (pedalboard/expression shoes/toe studs) affords a healthful, efficient posture for every player.

Traditional American Style

French & English Style

Replacement & Renovation