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Schoenstein Staff

Bryan Dunnewald is President and Tonal Director of Schoenstein & Co., where he oversees all aspects of the company with a focus on musical direction and business management. Bryan maintains an active performance career as a conductor and organist, holding degrees in orchestral conducting and organ.

Timothy Fink, Head Voicer and Technical Director, joined Schoenstein & Co. in 2017 with experience in pipe making and voicing. He has overseen new organs and restorations, owning his own firm in New York City prior to moving to California.

Yolanda Mascote has an extensive background in public and private sector finance. She serves as Director of Finance and oversees the company’s accounting, human resources, and purchasing.

Humberto Palma joined Schoenstein & Co. in 2007 as a woodworker. He continues to work in the mill shop, specializing in finishing and fine woodwork. Humberto often fashions the detailed carvings on consoles.

David Anderson, Service Manager, works in the service and console departments, specializing in relays and electronics. He holds degrees in organ performance and continues his church music career alongside his work at Schoenstein.

Erik Asprey is Director of Planning and Engineering, overseeing the design and construction of every organ. A California native raised in Germany, Erik joined the company as a woodworker in 2007 with experience in the luxury kitchen and bath industry.

Dean Belgarde is an experienced woodworker whose focus is in the mill shop. He is often the first person to work on a new organ, creating its wood component pieces from lumber.

Drue Berti, a Solano County native, works in assembly and voicing, focusing on details of chests and pipes. In addition to his work in organ building, Drue builds and plays electric guitars.

Jack Bethards is Chairman and Tonal Advisor of Schoenstein & Co., garnishing an international reputation for excellence in tonal design and finishing. He purchased the company in 1977 after a career in business management and consulting. Jack’s musical training comes from decades of conducting and playing in orchestras.

Ann Bharoocha, Administrative Assistant, is originally from India. She assists in managing the office and communications for the company. Ann joined Schoenstein in 1997.

Chris Hansford joined Schoenstein & Co. in 1991 and is Director of Operations. Throughout his decades-long tenure he has specialized in assembly, erecting, installation, console construction, and service.

William Holt has experience servicing both organs and pianos. This dual experience informs his work in the service and assembly departments. He holds degrees in vocal performance and continues to sing professionally.

Patricia Schneringer is a leather specialist who began her career in organ building restoring a local theater organ. She joined the company in 2005 and works in the leather and assembly shops, making actions and chests.

Jay Montepare has a background in fine furniture building and stand-up comedy. He works in the mill shop and erecting room where he combines expert knowledge in wood and a passion for bringing together the details of a pipe organ.

Schoenstein Staff

Members of the Schoenstein staff and their families at the dedication concert for opus 183 at Saint Michael’s Abbey in Silverado, California