Schoenstein Stop Lists

SCHOENSTEIN & CO. Holy Family Church Page 2 of 2 120-1994 PEDAL 32' Bourdon (32 Generators) 16' Contra Bass (Wood) 32 Pipes 16' Bass Viol (Choir) 16' Bourdon (Great) 8' Diapason 32 " 8' Flute (Great) 8' Bourdon (Great) 8' ’Cello (Choir) 8' Stopped Diapason (Swell) 4' Octave 12 " 4' Flute (Great) 32' Contra Trombone (32 Generators) 16' Trombone (Extend Choir) 12 " 16' Bassoon (Swell) 8' Tromba (Choir) 4' Corno di Bassetto (Choir) Celestial Pedal Voices 16' Sub Bass (Extend Celestial) 12 Pipes 8' Bass (Celestial) Celestial Coupler COUPLERS Swell to Great Sub Octave Swell to Great Swell to Great Super Octave Choir to Great Sub Octave Choir to Great Choir to Great Super Octave Swell to Choir Sub Octave Swell to Choir Swell to Choir Super Octave Great to Pedal Choir to Pedal Swell to Pedal Swell to Pedal Super Octave MECHANICALS Solid State Capture Combination Action with: ■ 16 Memories. ■ 35 Pistons and toe studs. ■ Programmable piston range. ■ 8 Reversibles including Full Organ. Crescendo Pedal. Separate two manual and Pedal console for celestial organ. (Celestial organ and console are at the front of the church.)