Schoenstein Stop Lists

SCHOENSTEIN & CO. University of Arizona Page 2 of 2 118-1994, 118A-1995 COUPLERS Great to Pedal Great to Pedal Super Choir to Pedal Choir to Pedal Super Swell to Pedal Swell to Pedal Super Swell to Great Sub Swell to Great Swell to Great Super Choir to Great Sub Choir to Great Choir to Great Super MECHANICALS Solid State Combination Action with: ■ 16 Memories. ■ 34 Pistons and toe studs. ■ 5 Coupler reversible including Full Organ. ■ Programmable piston range. Crescendo Pedal. ' Swell to Choir Sub Swell to Choir Swell to Choir Super Choir to Swell